How to Find Your Perfect Match

fall loveI was recently in a New York City café, sipping a cappuccino and observing couples at different stages in their relationships. The age-old story: two people meet… and the ritual of courtship ensues. They’re looking for love. Some couples will find “love” for a day. Other couples will create a mutually loving bond that lasts forever. Continue reading “How to Find Your Perfect Match”

Valentine’s Day – And, You’re Still Single?

Valentines Day Pink copyValentine’s Day is a day charged with all of our cultural expectations that we should all be paired off with a romantic partner. Even the most happily single among of us feel the weight of this day. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day – And, You’re Still Single?”

Ask Natalie! Getting Ready to Find “The One”

LoveKeyboardDear Natalie,
How would you suggest men or women handle the “why haven’t you been married” question? I have been engaged twice. I left the first time. Have regretted it my whole life. He walked away second time.
Decided that I’m too old to try for more kids. Why does it seem more acceptable to have one or more failed/toxic marriages? Continue reading “Ask Natalie! Getting Ready to Find “The One””