See What Other Readers are Saying

See what other readers are saying. . .

Reading Natalie Moore’s, It’s a Match!  The Guide to Finding Lasting Love, helped me discover that the different partners in our lives with whom our relationships ended in failure shared common traits.  What a revelation!

These relationships also could show us our personal limiting beliefs or fears that cause us to subconsciously sabotage ourselves and undermine our capacity to attract and be drawn to our True Love.  That makes me reflect about my love history and the issues I still need to heal.  It have me insight that would reveal my unconscious wounds.  Natalie also showed practical techniques to identify and clear limiting beliefs and emotional wounds.

This book also reminds me how important it is to KNOW OURSELVES through a very deep and overall personal assessment, as Natalie suggests, in order to be able to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, which ultimately will facilitate the task of finding lasting love with another human being.

Finally this book shows us very helpful tools to find our “other half” by improving our skills online in order to take advantage of our technological reality of online dating.  A must read!

Marisia jiménez,
Naturopath and founder of Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat in Costa Rica

“Something unusual happened to me as I was professionally editing Natalie Moore’s It’s a Match!  The Guide to Finding Lasting Love.  I was drawn in right away by her fun, warm voice and impressive psychological expertise.  As I moved through the chapters, I started better understanding why I myself hadn’t found lasting love. . . and what I could do to improve that part of my life.  This book must have raised my romantic IQ by fifty points.” —

Sari Friedman, MFA

I’m a Miami Psychiatrist who has known Natalie Moore, MsEd,MFT professionally for many years.  She is the consummate professional whose book reflects her straightforward, yet empathic approach to therapy.

Natalie’s book is a must read for all of those people who are single and looking to be in a relationship or dating someone and wondering if they are with the right person.  Plus, she shows readers how to approach online dating with the knowledge of a Marriage and Family therapist and the expertise of someone who has done it herself for many years.

Natalie gives sound psychological guidance on evaluating a relationship and on maintaining a relationship.  She give practical knowledge that would take far too many therapy sessions to impart. Her system of 4 Levels of Love which helps identify whether or not you have a relationship that has potential to last for a lifetime is unique, psychologically sound, and has the potential to be a life changing tool.

Whether you’re in a committed or married relationship or single and seeking a relationship, the information in the book will be extremely helpful because Natalie”s approach wll also give you the tools to strengthen your existing relationship.  I will be recommending this book to my patients.

Marrietta Castellanos, MD