It’s a Match!

It’s a Match!  The Guide to Finding Lasting Love
“Finding Lasting LOVE Is Possible For Everyone. 
YES, That Means You!”

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Finding Lasting Love is possible for everyone.  Yes, that means you!  

This is what you’ll discover in It’s a Match!  The Guide to Finding Lasting Love, the new book by the experienced and successful Relationship Coach,  Marriage and Family Therapist, Natalie Moore.  She comines her professional expertise with her own person experience as a divorced woman in finding, getting, and keeping a higher-lever match.

Natalie provides readers with a complete guide filled with techniques and advice to find their perfect, long-term committed partner (offline or in the digital dating world).  She provides tips to apply the “4 Levels of Love” model that she personally developed to analyze a potential or existing relationship for longevity and happiness.

“I wrote this book to provide a new set of kills to single women, providing them with real techniques that work in navigating today’s online and offline dating world, in a tone that felt like one girlfriend passing along advice to another close friend,”

“In addition to helping lead readers to find their perfect match – ‘The One’ instead of just another one – I also share advice to empowered women to have a successful relationship long AFTER initially meeting this match to lead to long-term relationship success.” 

Applying skills she developed working in the financial world, Moore’s “4 Levels of Love” model provides a unique approach than what is typically advised to people seeding love. To determine if a match is a Level 1, 2, 3 or 4, Moore looks at the aggregate number of shared areas of intimacies and core values.

“I strongly feel that we can learn from our past, and this system will help open all of our eyes to why past relationships went wrong, and how to find ourselves in healthier, more parallel partnerships moving forward,” continued Moore.  

“Couples often confused shared interests with shared core values and areas of intimacies.  I believe that if people understood what truly makes a relationship successful, fewer couples would find themselves going through divorce.” 

Start your new life now. . . by finding the One for You!
It’s a Match!  The Guide to Finding Lasting Love is available now on Amazon in English.