Valentine’s Day – And, You’re Still Single?

Valentines Day Pink copyValentine’s Day is a day charged with all of our cultural expectations that we should all be paired off with a romantic partner. Even the most happily single among of us feel the weight of this day.Here my five survival tips to enjoying this day while validating your choices.

1. If you’re happily single, take a weekend escape trip and avoid the whole thing. Don’t buy into the cultural pressures. Realize that Valentine’s Day is just another day.

2. Or, you can celebrate the fact that you have chosen to remain single instead of being with the Wrong One! Invite other single friends over for an evening of champagne and chocolate or anything else that is celebratory to you.

3.  Remember, You have to love yourself before you can love another. So practice self love by pampering yourself with a great massage or a day at the spa. Or clear some of those limiting beliefs that interfere with your finding true love.

4. If Valentine’s Day is just a reminder that another year has come and gone without your finding your lasting love, have a get together at your house with friends to work on jumpstarting your love life by creating your online profile and choosing  the best pictures that show the best you.

If you start the process now, next year you have a high probability of being with the one. Working on your online profile with your friends will help you represent yourself as realistically and authentically as possible, while showing the best aspects of yourself.

5. Get a copy of “It’s a Match the Guide to Finding Lasting Love” and read chapters 6 through 11 so that you can learn all of the skills needed to succeed and stay safe while looking for your mate online. You will learn all of that, plus all you need to Find, Get, and Keep the One!

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! Your lasting love is out there, looking for you, right now!!!

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