Ask Natalie! Getting Ready to Find “The One”

LoveKeyboardDear Natalie,
How would you suggest men or women handle the “why haven’t you been married” question? I have been engaged twice. I left the first time. Have regretted it my whole life. He walked away second time.
Decided that I’m too old to try for more kids. Why does it seem more acceptable to have one or more failed/toxic marriages? Continue reading “Ask Natalie! Getting Ready to Find “The One””

Ask Natalie! Dating a Married Man – Help!

LoveKeyboardDear Natalie,
After 4 years, if my boyfriend won’t leave his wife, that he is not in love with apparently, why do I even bother?
He can’t handle me being upset if he is “with her”, and he says he in no rush, and if I love him I should be able to wait….
How do I handle this? Continue reading “Ask Natalie! Dating a Married Man – Help!”

New Year’s Resolution: Finding Lasting Love

Happy-New-Year-2016-Images copyNew Year’s Eve is looming ahead. And, you are probably frustrated that another Holiday Season has come and gone without your having found your Lasting Love, the One.
If you’re like most of us, last year’s resolutions have been long forgotten, leaving a feeling of guilt in their wake. But, ever hopeful, on this next January 1st , you have yet another chance to change your lives for the better. Armed with my tips for success, this year can be different. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolution: Finding Lasting Love”